This past fiscal year provided the Church with an Annual Budget focused on mission, programs, services and staff support, as the capital needs of our 100 year old facility were addressed in a separately funded budget.  With gratitude to the charity of our Congregation through a successful Capital Campaign and the strong fiscal stewardship by our committees, the Church Council is proposing the balanced budget outlined below for approval to the Congregation at the Annual Meeting.





Key Highlights:

  • Mission Support
  •  This continues to be a priority.  During the upcoming year, the Service and Justice Committee to discern the best way to utilize the allocated funds.
  • Staff Support
  •  As a responsible employer, the budget provides for an average 3% salary increase to clergy and staff.
  •  Though we have been unable to fill the position this past year, we have again budgeted for a part time facility manager and anticipate bringing this person on as soon as possible.  Our expectation is that the facility manager will spend half of his/her time supporting maintenance related projects and half of his/her time engaged in overseeing and supporting the multitude of upcoming capital campaign projects.  Therefore, we believe it is both responsible and appropriate to allocate 50% of the facility manager’s salary to the operating budget (Annual Fund) and 50% to be paid by Capital Campaign proceeds.
  • Debt Service
  •  Endowment Loan — We have a remaining balance of approximately $70,000 on a loan provided by the Endowment Fund to cover previous Capital related projects.  This was the first year that the approximate $25,000 payment was made with Capital Campaign proceeds.
  •  Mortgage – There are no current payments, as there is no mortgage.
  • Reserve Fund
  • In light of our successful Capital Campaign, which we anticipate will cover the next 10 years of needed building projects, these payments were discontinued from the operating budget during the 2018-2019 fiscal year.

Our primary goal is to be good stewards of your generous contributions. This means investing in staff, programs and facilities to provide a community without walls that is welcoming to all.

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