Angel Choir

The Angel Choir, directed by Sherry Flugel  and accompanied by Lora Ilhardt, includes children age four through second grade.  This group performs two times a year, rehearsing a few times prior to each performance in December and May. Rehearsals for our Sunday December 22nd in-worship performance will be Sunday December 15th at 4:00 pm and Thursday, December 19th at 4:00 pm. May 5, 2019 in-worship performances will be Sunday, April 28th and Thursday May 2nd at 4 pm. This choir offers a great way to introduce children to the joy of group singing without a huge time commitment.  Learn more. Sign up here.





Joyful Noise

The Joyful Noise choir, directed by Michele Hecht , includes children in grades two through six.  This year, Joyful Noise will run January through April and perform a few times in worship.
Joyful Noise is currently on hiatus.





Jr. High Singers

The Jr. High Singers, directed by Jeff Haeger, includes boys and girls in grades six through eight.  This group performs twice a year, rehearsing a few times before each performance.






High School Singers

High school singers are invited to sing with the adult choir, perform solos or in small groups, and / or get involved with the One Voice ecumenical choir for high school students.