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Sunday’s Sermon

Sunday, @ 9:00 am - Sunday, @ 11:30 am

First Congregational Church of Glen Ellyn 535 Forest Ave
Glen Ellyn,ILUnited States
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 “In Lawless Lands”, Rev. Seth Ethan Carey



Sunday, @ 9:00 am
Sunday, @ 11:30 am
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First Congregational Church of Glen Ellyn 535 Forest Ave
Glen Ellyn,ILUnited States
Phone: 6304693096 Website: https://fccge.org/
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  • Amy Kalten Posted November 19, 2017 2:42 pm

    I enjoyed your sermon today. I rang true with me. As an educator, I have been contemplating this theory that we have created a “monster” with the whole “self-esteem” movement. We have spent a large amount of time of trying to build kids up with the idea that they are “special”- everyone gets a trophy moment. And while I agree whole heartedly with kids knowing how special they are, that message hasn’t been balanced with the idea that EVERYONE is special. I feel like to many things in our society, from reality shows to declining affiliations with church, have worked together to extraggerate this mindset. Some might say, we are living in the aftermaths of that movement with narcissist for a president. I pray that a majority of us can find their way back to living out the morals that we use to hold in high regard, learn to value community over righteousness and kindness over the need to “be right.” God knows, I’m working on that too.

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