Fall 2020 HVAC and Roof Repairs

In the past month we have had our new roofing vendor Raincoat Roofing and our HVAC vendor Service Express working on our roof. As a result of their work, we now have put a new cover on half of our flat roofs and done significant repairs to the rest of our flat roofs. This will stop the few leaks we have had and prevent new ones from developing. Raincoat has also done repairs and corrections on the drainage of our flat roofs and has installed a new walking pathway for our service people to use. At the same time, Service Express replaced the remaining old HVAC units on our roof to go along with the units they installed last year. In conjunction with new Wi-Fi thermostats, this will give us more efficient temperature control in Pilgrim Hall and Pilgrim Annex. In addition, the new units are equipped with HEPA filters to give us cleaner and healthier air. Finally, new time control fans were installed to manage the air in the restrooms. This work was funded thanks to the generous contributions to the capital fund by FCCGE members. See the pictures HERE!