FCC Financial Report 4.18.19

Update Regarding Called Forward Capital Campaign

We are making strong progress with our Called Forward Capital Campaign contributions and projects.  As noted in the graph below, contributions since the campaign began have totaled $1,079,672 through February 2019.  Thanks to all those who have met your pledges for the first fiscal year.  If you have not yet met your pledge, please join in when you can.  We have completed a number of key infrastructure projects, including parking lot paving, new exterior lighting, HVAC equipment, stained-glass window restoration, the chapel roof, our life safety (fire alarm) panel, exterior door replacements and the current replacement of the west gutters.  Bids are being gathered for the summer 2019 Pilgrim Hall renovation, as well as chimney and additional HVAC work. 




Update Regarding FY 2018-19 Annual Pledges

As of the end of February 2019, we are eight months into our Church year.  The update on our expenses and collections, as compared to our annual budget for this time period is reflected in the Progress on Annual Giving graph.  Of our $1,057,000 in pledges, $751,709 has been collected, which represents 71% of our pledge amount. Our spending to date has totaled $759,516, which represents 65% of our annual budget.  We look forward to updating the Congregation each month on our financial stewardship.