Youth Education


Just as Jesus welcomed the children, our staff and youth volunteers welcome our youngest so that their first congregational experience of Christ’s love is their welcome in our nursery.

Our nursery is staffed by loving adult individuals, Huong Luu and Kathleen Page. It is located just to the left after you enter through the parking lot double doors. Please enter the nursery through the church lobby.

Nursery care is available at both the 9:00 and 10:30 am services during the program year and at the 9:30 am service in the summer months.  Contact Catherine Curtis, (630.469.3096 X 23) Director of Christian Education To provide a safe and welcoming experience, we request that infants and toddlers should be registered here.

Join us and meet other young parents at out annual Young Families Luncheon!    More information will be provided at a later date. Contact Rev. Kendra Joyner Miller, (630.469.3096 X 11) Associate Minister

HuoungCropped 6.28.16

Huong Luu, Nursery Care

KathleenCropped 6.28.16

Kathleen Page, Nursery Care

Nursery_0 Our nursery


"Words from Our Pastor"

Rev. Seth Ethan Carey

Driving Home

Driving Home By Rev. Seth Ethan Carey “I’d say I make about $14,000 a month,” he told me casually from the backseat of my car, headphones dangling from his ears. He looked young – young enough that I insisted on checking his ID before driving him anywhere – but he was apparently a big YouTube

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