New Church Directory – College Student Pictures




Student/Family Member Won’t Be Here in the Fall for New Church Directory Photos?

No problem!


Lifetouch, the company we use to create our church pictoral directories, offers an alternative for those whose loved ones won’t be in town for our scheduled Fall picture dates. 

It’s simple:

  1. Print out the card attached below or get one from church
  2. Call the Lifetouch number on the card (1.866.756.0281) to see when and where other locations nearby will be having photo events on more convenient dates for you.
  3. Record your appointment on your card so you don’t forget!
  4. Provide the FCCGE account number (#412232) that’s on the card on your photo visit.
  5. After your photo session, call Lifetouch (1.866.756.0281) and provide them with your session number, which will be on your receipt from your photo session.



If you have any questions, please email FCCGE Communications Director, Sherry Flugel.