Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation started in 2000 when a few friends – priests of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood together with sisters from various Precious Blood communities associated with the Precious Blood Leadership Conference– sat down and shared their stories of ministry, of the suffering they had witnessed and experienced, and of their work for reconciliation. They shared stories of many years of jail ministry, of community renewal, of inner city parish work, of retreat ministry for reconciliation. Out of those shared experiences was born the dream of the Ministry of Reconciliation – what would it look like to have a ministry whose purpose was to work for healing and reconciliation in the midst of the violence and alienation of our world?



Sunday, October 20 – Jr Hi & Sr Hi Youth Fellowships visit Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation 2:00 to 5:00 pm – Sign-up online by Wednesday, October 16th here.





Precious Blood Ministries visited us in November 2018 and delivered a compelling testimony, watch below: