Summary of the Reserve Study Report Findings


Our beautiful church facility is large and old.  It requires continuous maintenance and upkeep.  Our staff and committee members manage its maintenance with a budget of approximately $46,000 per year.  This repair budget does not leave room for end-of-life equipment replacements or major renovations.

It is difficult to do long term planning for equipment and building infrastructure replacements due to the revolving nature of our church committee structure.  Consequently, we have under invested in our facility’s maintenance/refurbishment for several years.  This puts the church in a potentially risky position if an infrastructure item suddenly fails (e.g. heating system, cooling system, roof, etc.).

The Approach:

Church leadership desired an accurate long term plan for our facility.  In December 2014 the Council engaged Reserve Advisors, Inc. to perform an assessment of our church facility and prepare a Full Reserve Study. The Full Reserve Study provides a professional long term plan for our infrastructure investments for the next 30 years.  The church is thankful for a special donation from Dean and Jenny Fischer who underwrote the significant cost of the Full Reserve Study.  The Full Reserve Study can be viewed at:


The Findings:

The Full Reserve Study reviewed  48 major components including doors, entrances, gutters, light fixtures, roofs, masonry, windows, floor coverings, ceilings, kitchen, organ restoration, pew restoration, rest rooms, air handling units, heating and cooling systems, boilers, electrical system, elevator, life safety system, parking lot pavement and fences.

A key takeaway- we are facing $1,100,000 of building investments in the next five years; the ten year total investment anticipated is $2,100,000.

How will these infrastructure investments be funded?  Reserve Advisors recommends the church adopt a Reserve Fund budget of $207,000 in 2016.  Afterwards, the church should budget gradual annual increases in reserve funding through 2020.  It is recommended the church fund stable contributions of $230,300 from 2021 through 2025.  By 2026, the church will have fully funded for the replacement of roofs and air handling units. These contributions will maintain a Reserve Fund for the major expenditures.  The following table summarizes the first ten years of the Reserve Fund activity:




Building Reserve Fund Study – Ten Year Summary
YearContributionsExpendituresEnd of Year Building Reserve Fund Balance
1 $   207,000 $     (83,187) $    124,494
2 $   212,600 $   (197,446) $    141,101
3 $   218,300 $   (180,202) $    180,961
4 $   224,200 $   (222,240) $    184,922
5 $   230,300 $   (375,810) $      40,646
6 $   230,300 $   (168,960) $    102,770
7 $   230,300 $     (54,226) $    280,943
8 $   230,300 $   (321,887) $    191,943
9 $   230,300 $   (224,822) $    199,563
10 $   230,300 $   (312,485) $    119,121
 $2,243,900 $(2,141,265)
Total expenditures in the first five years $  1,058,885
Total expenditures in the first ten years $  2,141,265


The game plan to fund these infrastructure projects will be a major initiative for the congregation during the 2017 fiscal year.

Below you will find a table which illustrates the recommended infrastructure improvements for the next ten years.

Progress to Date

We continue to communicate the results of the Full Reserve Study with our members to provide education of this important issue.  Our Administration & Property Committee is evaluating which projects to undertake first based on our most pressing needs.  During FY2016 our members made voluntary gifs of $156,000 to the Reserve Fund.  This total included a very special gift of $150,000 by one of our generous member families.

Next, we need to organize the fund raising efforts.  These steps will be key initiatives during the 2017 program year.

How Can You Help?

Please take time to read the Full Reserve Study.  (Reader tip: there is a two page Executive Summary, colorful graphs and photos illustrating the worn condition of many components.)  Printed copies of the report are also available in the church office.  Spread the word to other church members about this important need for the future of our church.  Participate at a coming information session about this topic.  Respond through your annual giving.

If you have questions or would like to participate on the Reserve Fund team please contact Nancy Ellis, Assistant Moderator, .



Building Reserve Study – The First Ten Years of Projects
Windows, stained glass, refurbishment, phased       30,810
Asphalt Pavement, total replacement       52,377
Annual total       83,187
Roof, Asphalt Shingles, Original Chapel (incl. gutters and downspouts)       17,087
Roofs, Asphalt Shingles, Dormers at Clay Tile Roofs         8,227
Walls, masonry, inspections and repairs       52,315
Floor Coverings, carpet, common areas, phased       74,253
Kitchen Equipment, phased       26,368
Air Handling and Condensing Units, split systems, phased       12,446
Reserve study update with site visit         6,750
Light Fixtures, bell tower and mounted       10,832
Walls, wood trim, paint finishes (includes sealants)       32,496
Windows, stained glass, refurbishment, phased       32,496
Floor Coverings, carpet, common areas, phased       76,258
Floor Coverings, vinyl tile, common areas       12,955
Pew Restoration       15,165
Ceilings, acoustical tiles and grid, phased       55,567
Floor coverings, carpet, sanctuary and narthex       32,539
Light Fixtures, can and pendant, atrium and chapel         6,424
Light Fixtures, sanctuary, narthex and stairs, dome         3,115
Boilers, building heat      124,595
Windows, stained glass, refurbishment, phased       34,275
Windows, wood frames, phased       13,824
Ceilings, acoustical tiles and grid, phased       57,067
Elevator cab finishes         7,997
Air Handling Units, rooftop heating and cooling units       93,684
Energy recovery and condensing units, systems      165,661
Asphalt Pavement, crack repair, patch and seal coat         3,302
Five year total    1,058,885
Doors, entrances       18,773
Roofs, thermoplastic, CPE, 2001      103,254
Skylights       46,933
Windows, stained glass, refurbishment, phased       36,151
Audio Visual Equipment, phased       18,075
Gutters and downspouts, copper       23,018
Roofs, clay tiles, underlayment and partial tile replacement      298,869
Roofs, thermoplastic, TPO, 2007      118,200
Walls, wood trim, paint finishes (includes sealants)       38,129
Windows, stained glass, refurbishment, phased       38,129
Light Fixtures, sanctuary, refurbishment       12,710
Air Handling Unit, make-up air       13,981
Asphalt Pavement, crack repair, patch and seal coat         3,673
Walls, masonry, inspections and repairs       64,742
Windows, wood frames, phased       15,794
Floor Coverings, tile, common areas         9,398
Organ restoration, electrical       71,791
Rest Rooms, multiple stalls, renovations       66,569
Rest Rooms, single stall and shower rooms,       16,316
Life Safety System, (control panel and emergency devices)       67,875
Ten year total    2,141,265