Rev. Kendra Joyner-Miller

Associate Minister

Kendra received her Bachelors of Arts in Religion and Philosophy from Catawba College. Kendra moved to Chicagoland from New Haven Connecticut with her recently betrothed- to Daniel who is a fellow minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. Kendra attended Yale Divinity School where she received the Tweedy Award for the graduating student with a promise in pastoral ministry.

It was during her time in Connecticut that Kendra fell in love with Youth and Family Ministry — the way that this unique call allowed her to experience and express God’s creative, changing, and active ever-presence in this world.

Here at First Congregational Church of Glen Ellyn, Kendra (unlike Pastor Seth) is known for her cooking abilities and desire to preach the Gospel through baked-goods. You will most likely find Kendra with a huge smile on her face as she enthusiastically talks to you using large gestures. Kendra loves serving the families of FCCGE as we all explore what it means to live this life of faith(insert large gesture)!

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630.469.3096 X 11