From our storytelling facilitator, Jenny Riddle………Growing up, Saturday mornings at my house meant hot coffee, fried eggs, crisp bacon, and lots of stories from my dad, quite the raconteur. But there was a lesson in every one of those tales: never bet more than a coke, no daytime television, and never be afraid to do even the dirtiest job.

My dad’s answer to every form of spoken or written communication was “Begin with a story.” Writing a paper? Start with a story. Giving a speech? Start with a story. Reading the scripture at church? Start with a story. Best advice I ever got. I’ve been telling stories ever since.

In today’s busy world, storytelling is the best way to engage with others in a memorable and compelling way. It’s your secret advantage, the thing that will make you and your organization irresistible. You may not think you have stories to tell, but I promise you, you do.

Join me on Sunday, February 10th at 11:45 am in the All-Purpose Room for “The Power of Strategic Storytelling.” Find out why stories are so effective, what’s holding your stories back, and how to find and tell your stories. I look forward to meeting you!

Jenny Riddle is a keynote speaker, professional storyteller, and communications consultant. She has a lifetime of expertise in the best communication strategies and will show you how to STORYTELL your way to success—one story at a time. Visit here for Jenny’s latest blogs on storytelling visit.  

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Light lunch provided