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follow url How do we surround our children with a healthy atmosphere for nurturing faith?

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source site by Elsa Tamez
Leader:   Come!  Let us celebrate the supper of our Lord,
People: Let us all together Bake a giant loaf
Leader: And together prepare the jars of wine As at the wedding feast in Cana.
People: Let the daughters not forget the salt
Nor the sons the leaven.
Leader: And let us invite many guests:
People: The lame, the blind, the deaf, 
The poor.
Leader: Quickly now!
Let us follow the recipe of our Lord,
Let us together knead the dough with our hands
People: And watch with joy
The rising Bread.
Leader: Because today we are celebrating 
our commitment to Christ Jesus.
People: Today we are renewing our commitment
To the kingdom,
All: And no one shall go hungry away. Amen