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 What does joining the church mean?

In our tradition, joining the church matters. We have people stand up and join the church during worship because this is a prayerful and worshipful act. You will experience real power in that moment, when you tell the people around you and God that this is now your spiritual home. When you join, you make a connection, you join a community. In turn, that community promises to support you on your faith journey together. To prepare for this event, we offer a New Member Orientation class (*see dates below).

What does it mean to be a member?

When you join a church, you become a voting member of the church. Members vote on the church’s budget each year, they vote on which of the members should serve as key leaders, and they even vote on whether or not to call a new pastor. When you join a church, you are not saying that this church trumps all others. But you are saying that while you are here, you will be an active part of this congregation. Worship is the heart of what we do as a faith community. Serving others is a part of the deal, as you are able. You will make a difference and the church will be different because you have joined it. New Member Form  


* 2017-18  Newcomers Information Sessions*

The next newcomer information sessions will be held August 6th at 10:45-11:45 in our lower level All-Purpose Room.  Please join us–no need to register for the information session.  Once you have attended a new member information,  fill out the registration form to become a member.

Newcomers Info Session DatesTimes(after worship)Joining DatesTimes(during worship)
Aug 6, 201710:45 am(one service, summer schedule)Aug 20, 20179:30 am(one service, summer schedule)
Oct 8, 201711:45 am2nd service, regular scheduleOct 22, 201710:30 am2nd service, regular schedule
Jan 14, 201811:45 am2nd service, regular scheduleJan 28, 201810:30 am2nd service, regular schedule
Apr 8, 201811:45 am2nd service, regular scheduleApr 22, 201810:30 am2nd service, regular schedule
Aug 5, 201810:45 am(one service, summer schedule)Aug 19, 20189:30 am(one service, summer schedule)


*All classes are held at 11:45 am in the All-Purpose Room (lower level) unless otherwise noted.


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