Rev. Seth Ethan Carey

Senior Minister  

Seth hails from the shores of New England with a Master of Divinity from Yale Divinity School. He preaches “unusual” sermons – he’ll take that as a compliment – and also serves as head of staff at FCCGE.
The Reverend’s call to do God’s work came when he realized that his pursuit of divine mysteries and his fascination with the secrets of the universe might be pointing him towards a career in the ministry, a deeply rewarding vocation that is also largely devoid of manual labor. Seth aims to cultivate a space where all are welcome, and where folks can grow closer to God and one another.
He lives in Wheaton with his wife Angela and their two boys Ethan and Leviathan. Seth cuts his own lustrous, full-bodied hair, which he’s rather proud of.

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630.469.3096 X 12