Would you like to volunteer to serve the children and youth on Sunday mornings?
Step 1
Follow these links to review the volunteer job descriptions:
Step 2
Contact Catherine Curtis, Director of Christian Education, to discuss roles and ask questions.
Step 3
Now that you know where you feel called to serve, please Sign-up Online to Volunteer
Step 4
Inline image 4
Thank you for volunteering!  Each year volunteers and staff are required to read and review our Safe Sanctuary policy and complete required paperwork below:
Step 5
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Connect with your fellow volunteers and co-leaders and schedule yourself on Sunday mornings.

"Words from Our Pastor"

Rev. Seth Ethan Carey

Keep Hope Alive

Keep Hope Alive By Rev. Seth Ethan Carey As I awoke yesterday morning, I consciously wondered if I should read the news. I had a bad feeling, one born of experience rather than clairvoyance. And there it was in my newsfeed – Worst Mass Shooting in U.S. History – just as I knew it would

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