DuPage United

DuPage United

First Congregational of Glen Ellyn recently joined DuPage United.  DuPage United is an inclusive, non-profit, non-partisan organization whose members are civil society institutions: churches, mosques, synagogues, non-profit agencies, and associations.  This mix of institutions has come together to form public relationships and to act together to improve the quality of life for individuals, families and communities.  DuPage United engages in democratic action in the public arena.

July 13th Meeting Minutes

On July 13th, DuPage United and the Fox River Valley Initiative Combined Steering Committee met. Click here to read the minutes. Contact Chuck Lukavsky with any questions.


An assembly of all member institutions has been set for 8/3/17. The assembly will be held at Benedictine University (5700 College Road) in Lisle from 7PM until 9PM. The assembly will host both public and private officials who will be key to implementing DuPage United’s mental health campaigns especially in the Crisis Diversion Center and Crisis Intervention Training programs. The Illinois Director of Public Safety (who reports directly to the Governor) and the DuPage County Sheriff are both scheduled to be there. Also, there will be guests who will offer testimonials in support of affordable housing in Kane County. please contact Chuck Lukavsky at  if you have any questions.


"Words from Our Pastor"

Rev. Seth Ethan Carey

Keep Hope Alive

Keep Hope Alive By Rev. Seth Ethan Carey As I awoke yesterday morning, I consciously wondered if I should read the news. I had a bad feeling, one born of experience rather than clairvoyance. And there it was in my newsfeed – Worst Mass Shooting in U.S. History – just as I knew it would

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