Kitchen Chix

DSC05750_0This ministry team has grown into a five-star chef service requested for our church functions! The Kitchen Chix served appetizers to 800 people at Rally Day in September. Sundays with Food (a random Sunday when the group serves food after each service) included cookies and soup. A new tradition started at Easter last year was the serving of homemade stuffed beignets (fried in our kitchen before, during and after each worship service), deviled eggs and fruit cups to almost 1,000 parishioners. They prepared close to 2,000 meals for All-Church dinners, special lunches, youth events, brunches and dinners for visitors, various seminars, the Confirmation celebration, recitals and other events. In 2012, the Kitchen Chix lovingly prepared appetizers and desserts for over 300 who attended our 150th anniversary party.

Our dedicated Chix number over 55 talented, willing workers who cook, serve, clean and donate both time and food items year round. We accept any challenge and eagerly dish up our culinary treats with a bounty of love and sharing. An emergency e-mail will elicit volunteers who give their time and talents enthusiastically to a variety of requests. Anyone who wants an excellent way of becoming involved is welcome. Many of the best onion choppers, can openers, recyclers, dishwashers, table setters and eager workers say the fellowship in the kitchen is infectious! As we prepare nourishment, we are nurtured; as we serve, we are blessed.

If you’re interested in the Kitchen Chix, contact Susie Temple.